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      • Custom High Adhesive Whiten Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster, Apply To Clean, Dry Skin 2.5cm * 10m / 12m / 13.7m
    Product Details

    Detailed Product Description:
    Sports tape/Rigid tape (Hold dressing securely in place ,Highly stretchable creates localized pressure to stop bleeding and reduce swelling)
    Different color can be satisfied with different customers

    * Apply to clean, dry skin
    * Discontinue use if persistent skin irritation exists
    * Store in a cool dry place


    Size (WXL)MaterialPacking
    2.5cmX10m/12m/13.7m Cotton/Rayon Individual packed or 24/32/48in a pallet
    3.8cmX10m/12m/13.7m Cotton/Rayon Individual packed or 24/32/48in a pallet
    5cmX10m/12m/13.7m Cotton/Rayon Individual packed or 24/32/48in a pallet

    All the above are standard items,customerrsquo;s product sizes,colors are available upon request.

    Competitive Advantage:
    * Cotton cloth coated with zinc oxide adhesive or hot melt adhesive
    * Effectively secures dressing in place
    * Flexible .Easy to tear in zig-zag side
    * Highly breathable to maintain skin integrity

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